The advantages for you as an employer

Together with Ernst and Young, HAASheat succeeded in introducing the hybrid heat pump plan, like the bicycle plan, within the Working Allowance Scheme (WKR). The hybrid heat pump is “your CV’s personal assistant” which saves 40-70% on Gas, CO2 and expenses! It is a very valuable allowance for your employees and offers them significant savings! You can also help them with tax benefits of up to 50% discount on the purchase. A great way to contribute to a sustainable country with a hybrid heat pump.

Is the Working Allowance Scheme already tapped out? No problem with HAASPlus+

  • We are pleased to introduce a new sustainable, valuable allowance for your employees
  • Doesn’t cost you a penny as employer!
  • Your employees enjoy significant financial benefits (due to a 40-70% reduction in gas, CO2 and costs at home!)
  • And in addition, up to 50% discount on the purchase with HAAS employee benefits
  • Ordering the hybrid heat pump through HAAS saves hundreds of euros compared to buying it yourself!
  • Employees can easily calculate the benefit with our online calculator
  • They can also easily pay for it from their personal savings and save money in the process.
  • They can also exchange their leave days and thus remain active for your company
  • It compensates the higher costs of working from home (according to Nibud €500 per year)
  • A satisfied employee performs better!
  • And also enjoys added property value with HAAS
  • HAAS takes the process out of the equation with the HAAS portal, and saves administrative hassle with just a single administrative action
  • Climb the CO2 performance ladder as a company, with all the associated benefits
  • Your employees will receive a lasting sustainable gift
  • Sustainability is the trend and will earn your company a lot of credits
  • Boost your company’s contribution to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

And is your Working Allowance Scheme full? Don’t worry… HAAS goes a step further with HAASPlus+

  • HAAS Plus+ offers other ways to provide compensation without costing you anything
  • With an exchange of a few extra days of leave, an employee can finance his heat pump after all.
  • We do this in cooperation with the experts from Ernst and Young.

We look forward to discussing your possibilities during a consultation.