The advantages for you as an employee


  • Thanks to the hybrid heat pump, your home uses 40-70% less gas, CO2 and heating costs
  • Pay through the HAAS model from your savings and save money in the process!
  • Through HAAS tax benefits such as the bicycle plan, you will receive a 40-50% discount on purchases
  • You save between €40 and €70 and pay around €20 to €29.95, calculate that using the online calculator.
  • It is significantly more cost-effective than buying it on your own
  • Make use of your gross salary or a few days off!
  • Gain up to 2 energy labels and benefit from the added value of your property
  • Includes easy 1-day installation and 7-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • So, pay from your savings, save money, and benefit from the added value of your home
  • HAAS takes the work off your hands!

Employee benefits make it possible and calculate your savings in our web calculator